Children's Backyard Ski Set


  • PRE-MOUNTED BINDINGS - One of the biggest highlights of this ski set is that it comes with pre-mounted bindings that will strap securely, comfortably and safely over your child’s boots (for ages 2-4)
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - The bindings and skis are made of very high quality material, which automatically makes them very durable and less likely to break on your kid
  • WAXLESS BASE - These 70cm nylon cross country skis engineered with a waxless base; these bases are designed purely to enhance the skier’s traction on various snow conditions while boosting performance
  • NO SKI BOOTS NEEDED - With these bindings, your child wouldn’t need to wear any special pair of ski boots; they can wear their regular snow boots with these universal bindings and enjoy the excitement cross country skiing has to offer
  • POLES ARE NOT INCLUDED - Poles are NOT included; this ski set for the very young teaches kids proper balance on their skis at the beginner stage