Hestra Women's Army Leather Patrol Glove

By Hestra

Army Leather Patrol Female is a warm ski glove with clever functions. It is built on the same robust concept as Hestra's Heli Ski glove but is designed to fit inside the jacket sleeve with a comfortable neoprene cuff that encircles the wrist. Fingers and palm are made of impregnated goat leather and the backhand uses a flexible, weather resistant softshell fabric. A fleece liner with synthetic insulation keeps fingers warm even in low temperatures, and can easily be removed to wash or dry. You can also exchange the insulation with a thinner liner to adjust the warmth if you are hiking and are sweating more, for example. A wrist strap reduces the chance of dropping the glove, and a carabiner and eyelet let you fasten it to a belt loop if you have taken off the glove to work with your hands. A durable and reliable companion for those spending long days outdoors in the snow and cold, and who prefer staying away from the ski resort and its comforts. Also available as a mitt, as well as a men's fit.