Blizzard XCR Men's Skis with TLT 10 Binding 2024

$549.95 $600.00

The Blizzard XCR TLT is a ski that is designed around just making skiing fun for beginners and intermediates. Theres no reason to look too deep into the "which ski should I get" debacle. If you just want a ski that will let you get out there and make some nice rounded turns, then this ski would be a great option. Maybe you've been renting for a while, or maybe you're in need of an upgrade from your hand-me-downs that you've been on for the last 10 years. Either way, this is a ski that offers a lot of performance and value in a forgiving, easy going package for fun and comfort out on the hill. It is also a great ski to progress on. It's not a stiff ski by any means but it certainly provides nice stability and responsiveness for when you're ready to bump the speed up a little bit. Thanks to its fairly tapered shape from tip to tail, this ski offers plenty of maneuverability for those of us who like to skid or smear our turns instead of carve them. A directional rocker profile and narrower width really allow you to drive some nice quick turns on this ski, and thanks to a sandwich construction and wood core, you get some nice added stability and power often found in higher-end skis designed for upper-level skiers. The Blizzard XCR TLT is a fantastic option for a developing beginner and even a stablished intermediate and is a great ski that anyone can get on and feel comfortable.