Armada ARW 84 R Skis + EM 10 Bindings 2024

$549.95 $625.00
By Armada

Ready to conquer the slopes with a dash of stylish pop? The Armada ARW 84 Skis + EM10 Bindings present a hassle-free package, fully prepared and ready to unleash its potential. The ARW 84 integrates AR Freestyle rocker to ensure balance and proper positioning for mastering turns, while its mid-soft flex profile adeptly absorbs vibrations, creating an environment conducive to advancement. Adorned with captivating graphics, boasting a waist width tailored for firm snow conditions, and accompanied by inclusive bindings, all enhanced by Armada's distinctive design ethos, you'll soon discover yourself effortlessly executing remarkable aerial maneuvers or confidently embracing challenging descents.