November 1, 2021

Sundown Greenvale is Long Island's First and Only Official J Skis Demo Center! 

Jskis was created in 2013 by Jason Leventhal. Jason Leventhal founded Line Skis, Full Tilt boots, and most recently, J Skis. J skis was created by Jason in 2013 with a mission to do things differently in skiing. Jason collaborates with friends that happen to be some of the smartest, most creative, influential & experienced forward thinking minds in the ski industry. J skis is focused on creating the most innovative products by bringing them to market faster, real-time, at the speed of thought, in weeks, not years. All skis are also sold in Limited Quantities, each hand signed and numbered by Jason so you own a rare, unique ski like no other.

Sundown Greenvale's J Skis Demo Program

Try Before You Buy (Optional). Sundown Greenvale is building an assortment of J Skis models that will be available for customers to rent for daily or weekly rentals beginning with the start of the 2021-22 winter skiing season.

Choose Your Skis. After demoing, (or if you've already made up your mind before coming to the store), purchase your new pair of J Skis and bindings from any of our expert sales associates in-store. Pricing for new J skis from Sundown Greenvale is the same as on the J Skis website. If you've demoed any J skis from our shop, up to 2 days of demoing costs will be 100% credited to the price of your new skis!

Let Our Experts Mount Your New Equipment. As soon as your new skis come in, our certified workshop technicians will mount your bindings to the proper location and appropriate DIN settings for your safety and enjoyment on the hill.

Tear Up the Slops. Get out there and enjoy the ride on your new skis!

Free Lifetime Tuning. After your first awesome season on your new J Skis, bring them back for free tuning every year, every month, or as often as you wish! When you purchase J Skis and bindings from Sundown Greenvale, you are officially entitled to free tunes for the life of your new skis. Our goal is to make sure you are as happy as possible when you leave our store, and that includes making sure you get the best experience on your skis for as long as you have them.

Skis Available for Demo

Coming Soon!

For information on current J Skis models, visit the official J Ski's website:

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